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Parkhurst was born with a mission: to manufacture incredibly high-quality, undeniably good-looking Goodyear welted boots right here in America, and sell them at as competitive a price as we possibly can.

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The details are in the build


All Parkhurst boots are Goodyear-welted, the process used to make some of the world’s highest-quality footwear since 1869. Not only does it produce an incredibly sturdy boot—it also allows them to be re-soled time and again, drastically extending their life. Our boots are re-craft-able as well.


Our customers are the most important people in the world to us. We work closely with them to figure out the right size and style that works for them. Aside from being able to re-sole their worn boots, we ask them exactly what they want, and we can oftentimes make it for them. 


While top-quality boots can last a decade or more, their cost can be high. We aim to offer the best value American-made hybrid boot, made the same way as those $450+ boots for less - some even under $300. Plus we use many of the same crucial components such as thick upper leathers from world-renowned tanneries and vegetable tanned bends leather insoles.

Made In America

We believe in manufacturing in the USA because too many manufacturing jobs have been lost over the past several decades due to outsourcing.

All Parkhurst boots are constructed by 8 skilled craftspeople in a small factory here in Western New York. From leather to laces, we believe in sourcing all of our components from American manufacturers or suppliers in order to support jobs in this industry as much as we can. Is it a revolutionary idea? No. But we believe it's a small step in the right direction.


While we designed them 100% in-house, all Parkhurst boots are rooted in timeless, beautiful, extremely versatile designs. But we let you decide how far you want to push your personal style—by using everything from time-honored Horween leathers like Chromexcel, to one-of-a-kind colors of incredible kudu leather from C.F. Stead. 

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