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All Parkhurst boots are Goodyear welted, the process used to make some of the world's highest-quality footwear since 1869. Not only does it produce an incredibly sturdy boot—it also allows them to be re-soled time and again, drastically extending their life.


All Parkhurst boots are constructed by skilled craftspeople in a small factory in Western New York. From leather to laces, every single component is either made in the US, or purchased from a US supplier to further our goal of supporting American jobs.


While top-quality boots can last a decade or more, their cost can be high. Because we sell Parkhurst boots directly to you and avoid a retail markup, we're able to offer incredibly low prices for footwear that offers this level of quality and style—often around $300, instead of $500 or more.


Our customers are the most important people in the world to us. We work closely with them to figure out the right size and style. We quickly re-sole their worn boots when the time comes. We ask them exactly what they want, and we make it for them.

Who we are

Great boots and shoes are not meant to be kept under a desk all day. Although you can seamlessly go from the office to a hike in our boots. No more retail markups and bulky boots that look the same as everything else out there. Unlike most other shoe companies, we design our own lasts and patterns which provides our customers with a boot unlike any other. My grandfather always said, “They just don’t make them like they used to.” We make them just like they used to – with attention to detail, quality materials and an updated impeccable design. We believe in a few simple things: Make it well, make it sustainable and make it in America.

Quality & Craft

Parkhurst offers the best value made in America boots and shoes hand-crafted from premium, name brand components. We asked ourselves – can we mix old world craftsmanship with modern design and inspiration? The answer is yes, and the result is Parkhurst Brand.

Every step in our manufacturing process requires a skilled touch that makes Parkhurst shoes and boots truly unique. A single pair of boots is touched over 170 times before it enters the shipping box. Our Goodyear welt ensures durability and longevity so you can rest easy knowing that your boots will last. Not only can your boots be re-soled but this process as compared to mainstream shoe manufacturing drastically cuts down on environmental impact.

Why Us?

We make boots with unmatched silhouettes and uncompromising fit and comfort. The shape and fit of our footwear sets us apart from other companies because they make our boots instantly recognizable to our customers. Our boots are designed for elegant performance. Most made in the USA Goodyear welted footwear start around $450-$550 and can go up to $900 depending on the leathers used. We build ours with the same high quality materials and manufacture them for less with a small, but brilliant team of skilled craftsmen and women.

Unlike the big guys out there, we aim to give transparency and make quality, great value American-made footwear for all. We look out for everyone as well as the environment along the path of manufacturing a single pair of boots or shoes.