Our Story

Parkhurst was born with a mission for its first phase: to manufacture high-quality, good-looking Goodyear welted boots right here in America, and sell them at as competitive a price as we possibly can.

In an effort to better accommodate the needs of our customers, Parkhurst's second phase will come Summer of 2022 - and will incorporate a larger focus on sizing, build and components used via a global supply chain.

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The details are in the build


All Parkhurst boots are Goodyear-welted, the process used to make some of the world’s highest-quality footwear since the mid-1800's Not only does this construction produce an incredibly sturdy boot—it also allows them to be re-soled time and again, drastically extending their life. Our boots are re-craft-able as well.


Our customers are our priority. We work closely with them before and after purchasing to figure out the right size and style which works for them.

Feel free to reach out to info@parkhurstbrand.com for anything you may have a question regarding.


For many of us, a quality boot is an investment. Naturally there are many different price points and materials used in any boot on the market. Our goal is to offer a nearly all leather boot (with the exception of items such as the eyelets, laces, outsole etc.) right in the mid-to high $300 price range - and source our materials and labor as much as possible from within the U.S. and Europe.

Made In New York and Spain (coming soon)

We believe in manufacturing/sourcing as much in the U.S.A. as possible and when the technology and labor is available here. Naturally, there are some styles which cannot be produced here from start to finish up to the quality level required, mainly due to lack of technology and components available. We therefore rely on the help of our factory in Spain who has the technology to produce these certain styles and has been for decades.

So what's the bottom line? Your boots will always be built with sturdy, quality components.


While we design our boots 100% in-house here in Buffalo, NY, all Parkhurst boots are rooted in timeless, beautiful and versatile designs. But we let you decide how far you want to push your personal style—by using everything from time-honored Horween leathers like Chromexcel, to one-of-a-kind colors of incredible kudu leather from C.F. Stead. 

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