Our Goal

To manufacture sturdy Goodyear-welted boots with soul. We do this by developing our own lasts, moldings and patterns while working with many natural materials.

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The details are in the build


Parkhurst boots are Goodyear-welted, the same process used to make some of the world’s highest-quality footwear since the mid-1800's. Not only does this construction produce an incredibly sturdy boot, it also allows them to be re-soled time and time again, extending their life. Our boots are re-craft-able as well so you can feel confident taking them to your local cobbler when it's time for some maintenance.


Our customers are our priority. We work closely with them before and after purchasing to figure out the right size and style which works for them. Feel free to reach out to info@parkhurstbrand.com with any question you may have.


For many of us, a quality boot is an investment. Naturally there are many different price points and materials used in any boot on the market. Our goal is to offer a nearly all leather men's boot at a great value.

Made In New York and Spain

Manufacturing in New York and Spain is part of our heritage. Final assembly and finishing touches are performed here in Buffalo, NY. Each location plays a role in making every single pair, be it crafting or providing components. Our focus is on the quality of materials being used to build them as well as the skilled labor with whom we work to craft them. Bottom line? Your boots will always be built with solid components and a skilled set of hands.


All Parkhurst boots are rooted in timeless, and simple yet versatile designs. But we let you decide how far you want to push your personal style—by using everything from time-honored Horween leathers to one-of-a-kind colors of incredible kudu leather from C.F. Stead and other great tanneries.

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