We stand behind our products, we have your back. If you ever need anything feel free to reach out to info@parkhurstbrand.com.

Our boots are warranted against defects in workmanship for the first 6 months of wear. In the rare event of a structural defect or failure, we will gladly assist in repairing or replacing your pair of boots or shoes depending on each individual situation. Note that this is individually based and not all circumstances will apply such as instances of using the boots other than for their intended use. Original order number must be provided at time of warranty notification. We cannot warrant any second-hand/second-use boots as there is no way for us to verify if they have been altered in any way or mis-used. There may be lead times involved for replacing footwear and they will typically run the same lead times as our one off production. Please outline your individual circumstance via email so we can assess how best to help.

Naturally we understand everyone wears their boots differently and exposes them to different elements and environments. If an event occurs where you have questions about the footwear and warranty, please email us at the above email address so we can help. Thank you.