How does shipping work?

Please allow 2 business days handling time to ship your order and note this may take longer during the holiday season or during times of heightened volume as well as covid-related pickup or transit delays. You will receive a shipping label creation notification then once the item ships you will receive a shipment notification and the tracking will be updated. Shipping is free in the USA on full-priced purchases. A $9 domestic flat rate will apply to the purchases of any non-Collection or non-full-priced footwear. This rate may be subject to change depending on market conditions. All packages are shipped in unmarked boxes for your privacy. We do ship internationally and the rates can be found at the end of the checkout process. Payment must be sent in USD at the time of an international purchase.

All boxes and packing materials are made from organic, recycled or recyclable materials. We believe in simple, no frills packaging that serves a purpose. Please recycle when you can. We are excited to say our shipping is carbon neutral.

What size am I in Parkhurst boots?

Our general rule of thumb is to go a half size down from your average shoe size or take the same size you typically wear in dress shoes. Going off of sneaker sizing, up to a full size down may be necessary depending on foot type.

How should my footwear fit?

Upon receiving your boots or shoes, we suggest initially trying them on with a thin sock or dress sock. This can give a better idea of how the last and build will fit and feel against your foot. Your boots or shoes should fit comfortably snug with some volume in the toebox. If there is a tight, sharp or pinching feeling in the toebox then the footwear is too small and you will most likely need the next half size up. In terms of length, generally you want to have between a half inch and a full inch of room between the edge of your longest toe and the edge of the upper leather - not to be confused with the welt. This up to 1 inch measurement can also vary depending on individual foot width.

If you have a low volume or narrow foot with skinny ankles and/or heels, then we suggest going a full size down from your Brannock size and/or your typical sneaker size depending on how you sized into sneakers. If you have a low volume foot, skinny ankles but have a D or wider width, we suggest going a half size down from Brannock. If you have a higher volume or wider foot towards a single E width, we suggest taking your Brannock measurement.

*Sizing can be particular for each individual and we are more than happy to help you determine the correct size in our footwear by emailing Naturally we understand that there are some who may fall between the cracks of these sizing guidelines - don't worry we are here to help identify the best size for you in Parkhurst footwear. We can also assist in identifying the right size for you based off of what you wear in other brands of footwear.

How many lasts do you use and how does their sizing run?

We have two lasts and details on sizing for each can be found below. For each last if you're a D/standard width, we suggest going a half size down from your Brannock measurement.

No. 18 Last (Original)

This last runs between a D and single E width with an almond shaped toe and slightly higher volume. Our general rule of thumb is to go down a half size from your typical sneaker size if you're a standard/medium width. So for example, if you wear a size 10.5 in sneakers, we would suggest a size 10 in our boots. If you wear a single E wide width or prefer a bit of extra room in your footwear, we would suggest ordering your Brannock size in this last. Our last will generally not accommodate EE or EEE widths and higher as measured on a Brannock device.

Size comparison examples from current customers going off of a D/standard width:

Brannock - If you are a standard/D width, go a half size down from Brannock. If you have a wider forefoot but not quite a single E width, go with your Brannock size. If you are a single E width as measured on the Brannock, go with your Brannock measurement as well.

Viberg 2030 - Half size up if D/standard width.

Red Wing No. 8 Last - Half size up.

Allen Edmond's Boots - True to size.

Nike - Half size down.

New Balance - Half size down.

Adidas - Half size down.

Reebok - Half size down.

More sizing information on this last can be found via this video link.

No. 602 Last (New)

This is the newer Parkhurst last which has a lower overall volume to provide a more comfortably snug fit. Its features include a rounder, more laterally voluminous, yet low profile toebox along with a tapered arch and a snug heel. The instep on this last is more contoured to the natural shape of your instep angle.

Size comparison examples from current customers going off of a D/standard width:

Brannock - Half size down. If you're a 10D Brannock or between a D and E width, go with size 9.5 in the 602 last. If you measure a single E width or prefer a slight bit of extra room without a drastic length increase, we suggest going with your Brannock size.

Parkhurst No. 18 - True to size.

Alden Barrie - True to size.

Red Wing No. 8 - True to size.

Wolverine - True to size.

We ask that you please do not order first then ask if you got the correct size. Why? It prevents another customer who does know their sizing from buying the already sold size, especially for a last stock size item. Thank you.


How do exchanges and returns work?


Exchanges are free within the USA with additional flexibility around the Fall/Winter holidays or depending on the individual circumstance. Please notify us via email at prior to sending your boots back for an exchange. Store credit/exchange credit lasts for life and can be used at any time towards any stock purchase. When sending back boots for exchanges or returns, please send via the Post Office (USPS). We do not accept international exchanges or returns at this time so if you're unsure about sizing please reach out to us via email. Thank you.


We want you to be happy in a pair of our boots and are more than happy to get you the right size. Returns for refunds must be pre-approved/notified by emailing Returns for refunds will carry a 3% re-stocking fee. For example, if you return something you bought for a refund for the product price of $100, we issue a refund for $97. This does not apply to exchanges as they are free. Why do we have this fee and what does the 3% go toward? It goes toward the increasing non-refundable payment processing fees charged by all online credit/payment merchants - which makes up the bulk of this 3%. The remaining percentage goes towards the cost of replacing laces for the next customer, conditioning the boots and replacing packaging materials. We reserve the right to refuse a return based on the circumstance, notably in cases of apparent wear or fraud. Feedback for improvements to the footwear or what didn't work for you is much appreciated with your return, thank you.

Where do I send my return/exchange back to?

Please send exchanges and returns through the post office (USPS) to the below address after your return has been approved in the aforementioned section:

Parkhurst Brand LLC

PO Box 349

East Amherst, NY 14051

All items must be returned/exchanged in new, unworn condition. Leather must not be creased, scuffed or bent too much so please be careful when trying on your footwear. Samples and seconds are final sale and not return-able for refunds, but they are eligible for exchanges if the size desired is available in either seconds/samples. We reserve the right to discount the value of your refund or refuse a return if the footwear is visibly worn, overly creased or aggressively tried on, bent or folded. We want to ensure all of our customers get a great product in great condition whether it be an exchange or first time a product is shipped out. This policy is meant to keep all potential recipients of Parkhurst footwear in mind and cater to the preferences of our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

We reserve the right to cancel orders due to suspected fraudulent purchases.

What about custom orders, one-off's, samples and factory seconds?

Samples and factory seconds are all final sale – exchanges only permitted if another size is in stock for the particular style originally purchased. Factory seconds, samples, and overstock may not always qualify for promotions offered on in stock items since they are already discounted.

Custom order pricing varies depending on leathers, soles and other components or patterns used. Please see our custom order page for more details. These prices may fluctuate throughout the year as well as they are determined based off of a market for raw materials used to make the components as well as labor and manufacturing rate changes. Since custom orders are designed specifically according to the customers preferences we cannot accept returns on custom orders. Therefore, and it is encouraged for first time customers, we recommend reaching out to to confirm details such as sizing and specifications if you are unsure about these. Thank you.

I am buying from a country outside of the USA, what should I expect for import duties/costs?

Import taxes and clearance fees vary from country to country and depending on that particular country's tax/import legislation. We do not have this information to provide ahead of time with regards to what your country's import tax and duties may be. From what we have seen so far, they do range from between 4% and 20%. What can you expect for a total import cost? There will be the import duties/taxes plus customs and clearance processing fees by the carriers, such as UPS, DHL, USPS etc. These fees are for the time/labor it takes the carriers to have their customs teams process the package through customs at their ports of entry. Typically this labor charge by the carriers ranges between $10 and $40 from what we have seen so far.


Do you offer custom orders?

Yes we do and you can explore more of them here. We are able to make boots and shoes with existing patterns and leathers. It is recommended for first time customers of this program that their size be determined first via email. If you have any questions related to sizing you can email and we would be happy to help. Since custom orders are designed specifically to your preference and specifications, they are final sale - no exchanges or returns. Base price for custom orders may increase over time as the price for components rises.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

We have always focused on components, build and making our footwear in the USA - which can all be quite costly. Given the leathers, components and build we are using currently, we believe there is value provided at the current price-point to the customer who is looking for a Goodyear welted boot or shoe made in the USA while still focusing on the details. Pairing premium components with the higher costs of manufacturing in America for this type of product, we generally don't offer sales or discounts. In the event where we do offer a promotion, shoes, custom orders and Seconds + Samples are typically excluded and other styles may be as well. You can find discounted footwear in our Seconds + Samples section. These items are all final sale. Therefore it is advised that you reach out for sizing inquiries prior to placing your order.

Parkhurst was built with the end value to the customer in mind - the overall look at what you are getting given the price. It was also built on a mission to do its part to help preserve American manufacturing and a dying craft in our country.