How does shipping work?

Please allow up to 3 business days' handling time to ship your order. Weekends and holidays are excluded from this time frame. This means you will receive a shipping confirmation first with tracking information in the meantime. From there, tracking will be updated when shipped typically within this 3 business day window. Shipment of your order may take a few business days longer during holidays, new launches or during times of heightened volume. Shipping and size exchanges are free within the USA on full-priced purchases. All packages are shipped in unmarked boxes for your privacy. We do ship internationally and the shipping rates can be found at the end of the checkout process once your shipping address has been entered.

All boxes and packing materials are made from organic, recycled or recyclable materials. We believe in simple, no frills packaging which helps to serve a purpose and we encourage the recycling of our packaging. Our domestic shipping is carbon neutral.

How do I determine my size?

Please see Sizing Guidance for assistance in determining the best size for you in our footwear - or send an email to

Do you offer customization on models shown or do custom orders?

No. The product shown along with its description and what is outlined on this website is what you'll receive.

What is the difference between the Allen, Richmond and Delaware boots?

The Allen boot is our plain toe model, the Richmond boot is our cap toe model and the Delaware is our brogue cap toe model. They are built on the same set of lasts being either the 602 or 602M. Sizing will translate between models for the vast majority of people. So if you're a size 9 in the Allen, you'd be a size 9 in the Richmond. Some of either may be built on the 602M last in the future.

Do your cap toe boots fit tighter than plain toe boots?

If the cap toe boots are made on the same last as the plain toe boots, then no. This is a common misconception that cap toe boots fit tighter in the toebox due to their cap toe design. This is simply not true. Both of the upper patterns are pulled over the same lasts and bottomed from there. Take the same size in a cap toe boot as you do in a plain toe boot, as long as the last is the same for both.

Do you have a physical store and are you open for public visitations?

Local and traveling customers may make appointments to try on and purchase footwear by reaching out via email ( and meeting up at our local partner shoe repair shop here in Buffalo. There are no open public visitations at this time.

What size range do you produce for stock/ready to wear footwear?

We have been stocking down to men's size 7 and up to men's size 13, but this size range is subject to change for all runs of footwear.

How often do you re-stock certain sizes or styles?

Parkhurst is a limited production run company. Every style offered is typically a one-time release and re-stocks are never guaranteed. Having said that, we sometimes do re-stocks on certain items a couple of times during the year, but there is no set schedule for their release or production. All styles posted on our website are currently what we have to ship. We cannot discuss anything upcoming at this time or what we are working on as manufacturing is quite fluid and sometimes developments don't make it to production.

General pricing information

Our pricing method is simple - we price our boots according to what it costs to build and sell them. Nothing more or less is implied in the price or product itself. All footwear pricing varies depending largely on upper leathers, soles and other build components or patterns used. If a different type of leather is used outside of a standard-tanned bovine, or if the bovine has a special tannage, this may yield an end price increase due to an increased cost to make.

Do you accept and ship international orders?

Yes we do. Shipping rates can be found and calculated at the end of checkout once you enter your address, and before payment. At that time, you will be able to view and pre-pay any customs duties and brokerage fees involved with importing your pair of boots. This way there are no surprise invoices from the carriers or your local government once the package arrives in your country, as the duties have already been pre-paid and remitted to them.

I am buying from and shipping to a country outside of the USA, what should I expect for import costs?

*Please note - all of the information on this topic and import duties is listed here. No additional information will be provided via email requests since the entire process and background is listed below:

Much like other retailers on the Shopify platform, we have integrated a system created by Shopify, into our checkout process which allows international customers to see and pre-pay their import duties/costs at checkout. These duties/shipping costs paid at checkout are held by Shopify and remitted to the carriers (DHL mainly, or USPS) who then remit them to your local customs authority. Parkhurst does not earn these duties or fees - they are a pass-through cost, meaning the customer pre-pays these duties/costs on the Parkhurst website for the product and the funds are then passed through Parkhurst to the carriers. From the carriers, they are then remitted to your local customs authority at the end and in time for when your package enters your country. By doing this, delivery is ultimately greatly expedited so there are no additional or surprise invoices from the carriers upon the arrival of your boots. We cannot advise on your country's import legislation - the duties displayed at checkout come directly from your country's customs agency based off of the product which you are importing, designated by the customs code. This is required in order to import/clear a package into any country. More on this below.

Please note - some countries have a general benchmark import dollar amount, which can sometimes be confusing. It is important to know that this dollar amount is a general benchmark used for importing any type of product without a customs clearance code. In order to import a product, you need to have a customs clearance code. We provide this on the customer order/invoice to ensure the correct duty is charged but more importantly, so that the product is identified correctly in the eyes of the local government. Different products carry different import/clearance codes and they will either be higher or lower than the standard benchmark dollar amount for your country.

As a general note: Import taxes/clearance fees and customs processing charges vary from country to country, and depending on that particular country's tax/import legislation at the time. Canada and countries in the UK and Europe, for example, will have these and they should be expected by the buyer. We suggest checking with your local customs or carrier offices to obtain any import tax information prior to your purchase so you can estimate approximately what your total import costs may be. Or you can simply enter your shipping information at checkout on our website before payment, and your costs will be displayed. Your purchase serves as agreement to accept delivery of your purchase but also to pay your country's import taxes and associated fees. Parkhurst does not pay your country's import taxes, fees or shipping.

What in general should I expect when buying new leather boots made like this?

Fit and Feel

The majority of the components used to build are boots are either leather or metal. This includes items such as veg tan leather heel counters, heel bases, midsoles, insoles and welts. Additionally, there is a metal shank in the arch area underneath the insole where cork is found. Therefore, you may notice the boots to be stiff all over when putting them on for the first time and for wearing them for the first few wears. The leather components, such as the heel counter and insole, will mold to your feet with wear, but may feel a bit stiff for the first few wears. Initially, it is common to experience some heel lift or slip because the insole has not yet been broken in. With wear, your feet will sink into the insole and the insole will conform to your feet. This helps to greatly to reduce any heel lift or slip you may experience. Some heel or general foot slip/movement out of the box is normal, but if you have a drastic amount of volume/space, you may need the next half size down.

Appearance (Components)

Our boots are made with genuine leather. Leather is an organic material and has different natural imperfections, characteristics, scars, scratches and color variations to it regardless of article type or tannery. Therefore, no two pairs of boots will look alike, and you may see any of these characteristics on your pair of boots. The extent to which naturally will vary from pair to pair and they are part of the hide. Our Leather + Care section provides additional detail on leathers we use.

Appearance (Handcrafting)

With the aid of a few machines for steps including but not limited to sole-stitching, inseam stitching and upper stitching, all of the steps involved in building a pair of our boots are done by hand or guided by hand. It is a perfectly imperfect process. Therefore, you may notice characteristics of this process reflected in a pair of boots which you receive. The extent to which may vary from pair to pair since this is a heavily manual process. Refunds are not issued for appearances due to hand-crafting or the use of natural components, such as leather. However exchanges may be made if stock is available. 

Lost Shipments

Much like our customers count on us to build and ship their boots, we count on our customers to provide a dependable delivery address and to be available to receive the product which they ordered. We are not responsible for shipments/packages lost or stolen. If your order status is marked “Delivered” by the carrier, please check the vicinity of your delivery address and reach out to the carrier for any questions regarding your package. It is important to note that if a carrier shows the package was delivered, there is a possibility no insurance payout from the carrier will take place since they did deliver it and the package was most likely stolen after delivery. As a preventative measure to combat fraud and due to instances of fraud, Parkhurst does not issue refunds or replacements for stolen packages. If the package was marked delivered, Parkhurst and the carrier have both fulfilled delivery responsibilities to the customer and we cannot control anything which happens after the package is delivered. From what we have seen, areas of higher theft/loss risk include airport shipping facilities, freight forwarders, large apartment complexes and storage buildings. If one of these places are the only shipping options you have available, we will ship to you with your understanding and acceptance of the risk. Your purchase serves as an agreement to this policy, acceptance of any risk and agreement not to hold Parkhurst liable in any form for any lost, missing or stolen shipments.

Additional notes on shipping

As a general rule of thumb, all shipping addresses are recommended to be residential, business or PO box addresses. Naturally we understand there might be other types and we are happy to ship to them as well. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, or items shipped to centers including but not limited to airport receiving boxes, forwarding companies, distribution centers or storage facilities. We are happy to arrange alternate shipment of your footwear to an address you desire. Simply send us an email and we would be happy to arrange something which works for you.

Do you have any leftover leather from production which customers can buy?

No, we do not. Yields are quite high given what leather is cut-able and we have invested in making yields high to ensure there is little waste. The waste leather leftover is in the form of long, narrow strips and shreds most often.

Do you offer coupons?

We do not offer coupons. The price of our footwear reflects the material cost, time and labor to build and sell our footwear. We prefer to have a straight-forward, no-nonsense price by doing this. In the event where we offer a promotion, shoes and Seconds + Samples are typically excluded. You can find discounted footwear in our Seconds + Samples section. Prior sales are excluded from promotions and discounts.