How does shipping work?

Please allow up to 3 business days' handling time to ship your order. This means you may receive a shipping confirmation first and then tracking may be updated when shipped within this 3 business day window. Please note, shipment of your order may take a few business days longer during holidays, new launches or during times of heightened volume. Shipping is free within the USA on full-priced purchases. All packages are shipped in unmarked boxes for your privacy. We do ship internationally and the rates can be found at the end of the checkout process once your shipping address has been entered.

All boxes and packing materials are made from organic, recycled or recyclable materials. We believe in simple, no frills packaging which helps to serve a purpose and we encourage the recycling of our packaging. Our domestic shipping is carbon neutral.

How do I determine what size I would be in Parkhurst footwear?

Sizing guidance is general in nature as every foot is different, but we have a couple of ways to help identify the best size for you. We may ask you for feedback regarding fit of your boots and what size worked for you best. This is done so that we can constantly help improve sizing guidance for everyone.

Brannock Measurement

If you’re a standard (D) width as measured on the Brannock device, we suggest going a half size down into Parkhurst boots. For example, if you measure a 10D on the Brannock, we suggest a size 9.5 in our boots. We suggest taking your Brannock measurement if you measure a single E width on the Brannock device, have a wider forefoot or like to have a little extra room in your boots. If you have a narrow (C) width, have a low volume, narrow foot and/or thin ankles, we suggest going a full size down from your Brannock measurement.

If you’re between a D and single E width on the Brannock, or prefer extra room, we suggest taking your Brannock size for the 602 last but going a half size down for the 602M last. If you're between but like snug fit, then we suggest going a half size down.

General Shoe Sizing

Most of our customers size down into our boots. From sneaker sizing, it can be up to a full size down for regular width feet or sometimes a half size down for people who have higher volume or wider feet. For example, if you take a sneaker size 10 across all sneakers you own, you're either going to be a 9.5 or 9 in our boots.

Size Translations with Last

602 Last

This last has a slightly lower volume to provide a more comfortably snug fit and to help prevent heel slip while maintaining a rounder forefoot. Its features include a rounder, yet low profile toebox along with a tapered arch and a snug heel. The instep on this last is more contoured to the natural shape of a foot's instep angle. The taper in the arch and heel may help to provide a mild, yet natural arch support.

Brannock - Half size down if you're a D width, full size down if narrow or low volume + skinny ankles.

Alden Barrie and Trubalance - True to size if D width.

Red Wing No. 8 – True to size if D width.

Thursday Boot – True to size if D width.

Allen Edmond's – True to size if D width, half size down may apply.

Nike – Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

Adidas – Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

New Balance – Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

602M Last

This last is primarily used for Chelsea and moc toe boots in order to support the pattern for them. However we will be incorporating this last into Allen/Richmond production as well at points. The main difference between this last and the 602 is that the 602M has a touch more depth in the toebox and width in the pinky toe area.

Brannock - Half size down if you're a D width, full size down if narrow or low volume.

Wide Width's – Take your numerical wide width Brannock measurement for single E and EE. EEE will not fit.

Alden Trubalance – True to size if D width.

Alden Barrie – True to size if D width.

Allen Edmond's - Half size down

Red Wing – True to size if D width.

Nike – Full size down.

New Balance – Full size down.

Adidas – Full size down.

Wide Width - 602 Last

We suggest taking your normal wide width size in welted footwear. If you are going off of your Brannock size, we suggest going down a half size. For example, if you measure a 10EE on the Bannock, we suggest ordering a size 9.5EE in our boots. Single E widths are typically accommodated by our regular 602 last since the toebox at its peak is a single E as measured on the Brannock.

Women’s 602

We have found that taking your typical women’s size in boots to be a quite true to size for our 602 last, if you have sized down already from your sneaker size into the boots you wear. For those with narrow or low volume feet, this may translate into a full size down from sneaker size into our boots.

Adidas – Half size down.

Nike – Half size down.

Converse – True to size, half size up if wide or high-volume foot.

Red Wing – True to size.

Frye – True to size.

Tory Burch – True to size.

Timberland – True to size.

General Sizing Info:

If you are unsure about sizing please reach out to for assistance. When reaching out, it would be greatly helpful to provide any of the below information if you have it:

  1. Brannock measurement.
  2. Sizes you take in other brands of footwear you own.
  3. Whether or not you have a wide, narrow or medium width.
  4. Whether or not you have a high, low or regular instep height.
  5. Any foot conditions - Collapsed arches, bunions, surgeries etc.

*Note - if you have any of the below foot/ankle characteristics, you may need to size down a half size from boot brands such as the ones we mentioned as comparable:

Skinny ankles
Low volume feet
Low insteps
Narrow feet

*If it's not too much trouble, we would appreciate having sizing discussions take place before ordering if you are in need of help determining your best size or if you have second thoughts about sizing.

*Please note - placing an order and asking if you ordered the right size in the comments section of your order will delay your order because we need to reach out to you to discuss what you said in the comments section with regards to your sizing.

Can you tell me the outsole and insole length?

We don't give out this information because it's not an accurate indication of how your boots will fit, and it should generally not be used as a sizing tool. We feel this actually may be a bit misleading. Outsole and insole lengths across different brands, even though the same size, will almost always be different. The same goes for insole lengths. Pairing this with last volume and patterns, you can easily get different measurements than expected once the boot is finished being built. Different lasts and insoles from different brands will always have a difference in measurement due to the different shapes of both the lasts and insoles. Therefore, you may notice length, width, ball and volume to all be different measurements from brand to brand, even though the boots may be the same stamped size.

My boots arrived, how should they fit?

Our boots should fit comfortably snug on your foot. What does this mean? Your heel and arch should feel secure (maybe with a small bit of room depending on foot type) while still having some breathing room in the toebox. Sometimes this may vary depending on foot type or if you have a foot condition. If there is a sharp or pinching feeling in the toebox, the boots are most likely too small for you, and you may need the next half size up. For those who have high insteps, the instep into the vamp might be snug at first but will stretch when breaking in. Socks make a difference too – a thin sock will take up less volume in the boot, creating some additional wiggle room, while a thicker sock will take up more volume in the boot, creating less wiggle room.

What are a few things I expect when buying new leather boots made like this?

Fit and Feel

Our boots are built with nearly all leather components plus a metal shank in the bed of cork underneath the leather insole arch area. Therefore, you may notice the boots to be a bit stiff when putting them on. The leather components, such as the heel counter and insole, will mold to your foot with wear, but may feel a bit stiff for the first few wears.

Appearance (Components)

Our boots are made with natural leather components to include for example the upper leather, welt, midsole, insole, heel counters and heel stacks. Leather is an organic material and has different natural imperfections, characteristics, scars, scratches and color variations to it. Therefore, no two pairs of boots will look alike, and you may see any of these characteristics on your pair of boots. The extent to which naturally will vary from pair to pair. Our Leather + Care section provides additional detail on leathers we use.

Appearance (Handcrafting)

With the aid of a few machines for steps including but not limited to sole-stitching, inseam stitching and upper stitching, most of the steps involved in building a pair of our boots are done by hand or guided by hand. It is a perfectly imperfect process. Therefore, you may notice characteristics of this process reflected in a pair of boots which you receive. The extent to which may vary and depend per pair since this is a heavily manual process.

What is the difference between the Allen and Richmond boots?

The Allen boot is our plain toe model, the Richmond boot is our cap toe model. They are built on the same last being the 602. Therefore, sizing will translate between models. So if you're a size 9 in the Allen, you'd be a size 9 in the Richmond. Some of either may be built on the 602M last in the future.

Do you accept and ship international orders?

Yes we do. Payment must be sent in USD at time of purchase and your phone number must be included on your order in addition to your email address. Shipping rates can be found and calculated at the end of checkout once you enter your address, and before payment.

I am buying from and shipping to a country outside of the USA, what should I expect for import costs?

Import taxes/clearance fees and customs processing charges vary from country to country, and depending on that particular country's tax/import legislation at the time. Canada and countries in Europe will have these and they should be expected by the buyer. The carriers may include a clearance charge in an invoice which they send to the buyer. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We suggest checking with your local customs office to obtain any import tax information prior to your purchase so you can estimate approximately what your total import costs may be. Your purchase serves as agreement to accept delivery of your purchase and to pay your country's import taxes. Parkhurst does not pay your country's import taxes nor do we mark merchandise non-accordingly.

Do you have a physical store and are you open for public visitations?

Local and traveling customers may make appointments to try on and purchase footwear by reaching out via email ( to meet up at our  local partner shoe repair shop. There are no open public visitations at this time.

What size range do you produce for stock/ready to wear footwear?

We have been stocking down to men's size 7.5 and up to size 13 but this size range is subject to change for all runs of footwear.

How often do you re-stock certain sizes or styles?

Parkhurst is a limited production run company. Every style offered is typically a one-time release and re-stocks are never guaranteed. Having said that we sometimes do re-stocks on certain items a couple of times during the year, but there is no set schedule for their release or production. All styles posted on our website are currently what we have to ship.

General pricing information

Our pricing method is simple - We price our boots according to what it costs to build and sell them. Nothing more or less is implied in the price or product itself. All footwear pricing varies depending largely on upper leathers, soles and other build components or patterns used. If a different type of leather is used outside of a standard-tanned bovine, or if the bovine has a special tannage, this may yield an end price increase due to increased cost. Our women's boots are priced nearly identical to men's as the same build is used in our women's boots as our men's boots. In most cases, even the same amount per square foot of upper leather is used despite sizes being generally smaller. Due to this, there is little difference in cost, hence little difference in end price.

Additional notes on shipping

As a general rule of thumb, all shipping addresses are recommended to be residential, business or PO box addresses. Naturally we understand there might be other types and we are happy to ship to them as well. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, or items shipped to centers including but not limited to airport receiving boxes, forwarding centers, distribution centers or storage facilities. We are happy to arrange alternate shipment of your footwear to an address you desire. Simply send us an email and we would be happy to arrange something which works for you.

Lost Shipments

Much like our customers count on us to build and ship their boots, we count on our customers to provide a dependable delivery address. We are not responsible for shipments lost or stolen. If your order status is marked “Delivered” by the carrier, please check the vicinity of your delivery address and reach out to the carrier for any questions regarding your package. As a preventative measure to combat fraud, we do not issue refunds for packages lost, missing or stolen. From what we have seen, areas of higher theft/loss risk include airport shipping facilities, freight forwarders and storage complexes. Therefore, we prefer not to ship to these types of locations. However if it is the only shipping option you have available, or if it is the only one you entered on your order, we will ship to you. Your purchase serves as agreement to this policy, acceptance of any risk and agreement not to hold Parkhurst Brand LLC liable for any lost, missing or stolen shipments.

Do you have any leftover leather from production which customers can buy?

No, we do not. Yields are quite high and we have invested in making yields high to ensure there is little waste. The waste leather leftover is in the form of long narrow strips and shreds most often.

Do you offer coupons?

We do not offer coupons. The price of our footwear reflects the material cost, time and labor to build our footwear and we prefer to have a straight-forward, no-nonsense price by doing this. Manufacturing both in the US and Spain carries some of the highest labor and material costs globally, but both locations are respected greatly for manufacturing this specific type of product. Sometimes we do collaborations in which a promotion may be offered but the promotion is only for the boot in question at a given time. In the event where we offer a promotion, shoes and Seconds + Samples are typically excluded. You can find discounted footwear in our Seconds + Samples section. Prior sales are excluded from promotions and discounts.