How does shipping work?

Please allow 2 business days' handling time to ship your order. This means you may receive a shipping confirmation first and then tracking may be updated within a day or two when shipped. Please note shipment of your order may take a few business days longer during holidays, new launches or during times of heightened volume as well as during carrier staffing-related pickup or transit delays. Sometimes during the Fall and Winter seasons, transit times may be extended by the carriers due to an influx of volume. You will receive a shipping label notification with tracking and once shipped, the tracking will be updated. Shipping is free within the USA on full-priced purchases. All packages are shipped in unmarked boxes for your privacy. We do ship internationally and the rates can be found at the end of the checkout process.

All boxes and packing materials are made from organic, recycled or recyclable materials. We believe in simple, no frills packaging which helps to serve a purpose and encourage the recycling of our packaging. Our domestic shipping is carbon neutral.

What size am I in Parkhurst footwear?

Our general rule of thumb is to go a half size down from your average sneaker size if you're a standard/medium width/volume, or take the same size you typically wear in dress shoes or boots. For example, if you typically wear a size 9 in the boots or dress shoes you own, then we would suggest a size 9 in Parkhurst boots.

These sizing guidelines and information are general in nature and may not apply to every person or every foot type. Some may fall between these guidelines such as taking one size in our brand and another size in another comparable brand. Therefore a direct size translation across all brands may not always be possible and we suggest reaching out to for assistance in getting the best size for you before placing your order. When reaching out, providing the below information, if you have it, will be very helpful, thank you:

1. Brannock measurement.
2. Sizes you take in other brands of footwear you own.
3. Whether or not you have a wide, narrow or medium width.
4. Whether or not you have a high, low or regular instep height.
5. Any foot conditions - Collapsed arches, bunions, surgeries etc.
Sizing can be particular for each individual - don't worry we are here to help identify the best size for you in Parkhurst footwear which is why we encourage you to send an email at We can also assist in identifying the right size for you based off of what you wear in other brands of footwear.

How should my footwear fit/what is the best way to try them on?

Upon receiving your boots or shoes, we suggest initially trying them on indoors with a thin sock or dress sock or on a carpeted surface. Naturally you're free to try them on with the socks you wish, however we have found this can usually give a better idea of how the last and build will fit and feel against your foot. Please note trying on footwear in a garage or patio, for example, will render the shoes worn as the concrete will create unfix-able marks in the outsole. We recommend lacing them up but please do not mark the tongues too harshly if you plan to send them back for an exchange or return. Lacing up the boot, but not over-tying is essential to fit and feel because if sets your foot back into the heel and opens up room in the toebox. If you are not lacing your boots up for fit, your foot will slide forward into the toebox, usually creating a pinching feeling for your toes.

Your boots or shoes should fit comfortably snug in the ankle and arch with some leftover volume in the toebox. If there is a tight, sharp or pinching feeling in the toebox then the boots are too small and you will most likely need the next half size up. In terms of length, generally you want to have between a half inch and a full inch of room between the edge of your longest toe and the edge of the upper leather - not to be confused with the welt. This up to 1 inch measurement can also vary depending on individual foot width, instep height, toe length, arch measurement and foot type.

Foot type

If you have a low volume or narrow foot with thin ankles and/or narrow heels, then we suggest going a full size down from your Brannock size and/or your typical sneaker size depending on how you sized into sneakers. If you have a higher volume or wider foot towards or matching a single E width as measured on Brannock, we suggest taking your Brannock size. Please note at this time our lasts do not accommodate EE and above width feet as measured on Brannock.

A note about wide widths

We do not make wide width footwear currently. All of our measurements go off of the Brannock device - not in widths of other footwear brands. If you are wearing a boot/shoe marked with a wide width, say it is labeled as "EEE", that doesn't always mean you are an actual triple E width as measured on the Brannock device. Some brands will label their generic wide width boots as "EEE" when in reality, that measurement on a Brannock device can often be a single E to double E width. Note that each number of E widths represents an increase in width as measured on the Brannock device. For example, an EE width measures wider than an E width. Therefore it is possible, and we have seen instances, where some customers who are wearing a boot labeled an EE width translate into a single E width as measured on Brannock, and therefore have fit into our boots at their Brannock size. This type of fitting confirmation is determined primarily through email conversation with provided sizing in other brands and/or Brannock measurements. Should you have questions about this please reach out to

A note about narrow widths

Our lasts do not run narrow, however our narrow width, low volume customers typically go down a full size from Brannock or sneaker sizing into our boots as mentioned above in the "foot type" section.

Do you have a physical store and are you open for public visitations?

Parkhurst is a one-person company, being the founder Andrew and with the help of his father to pack/ship on occasion, with a shipping location here in Buffalo and shared workshop. Local and traveling customers may make appointments to try on and purchase footwear by reaching out via email to meet up at the shoe repair shop. There are no open public visitations at this time.

How many lasts do you use and how does their sizing run?

Parkhurst uses 2 lasts and some additional detail regarding sizing can be found below. Please note guidance may be updated from time to time as more feedback comes in about fit. We do this to try to provide as much, accurate information as possible, but also keeping in mind these guidelines are general in nature.

602 Last

This last has a slightly lower volume to provide a more comfortably snug fit and to help prevent heel slip while maintaining a rounder forefoot. Its features include a rounder, more laterally voluminous, yet low profile toebox along with a tapered arch and a snug heel. The instep on this last is more contoured to the natural shape of a foot's instep angle. The taper in the arch and heel will provide a mild, yet natural arch support.

Size comparison examples from current customers going off of a D/standard width:

Brannock - Half size down as a general rule of thumb if you're a D width. If you're a D/E width we suggest going with your Brannock size. If you have a narrow or low volume foot with a low instep, we suggest a full size down from Brannock.

Alden Barrie and Trubalance - True to size if D width. Some customers go a half size up from this last into the 602 last if they are looking for a bit more space or have a wider forefoot. 

Red Wing No. 8 - True to size if D width. 

Thursday Boot - True to size if D width.

Allen Edmond's - True to size if D width.

Viberg - Size up a half size.

Nike - Half size down if D width.

Adidas - Half size down if D width.

New Balance - Half size down if D width.

602M Last

This last is used for Chelsea and moc toe boots in order to support the pattern for them. The difference between the two is the 602M last has a touch more depth in the toebox and width in the pinky toe area.

Sizing for this and the 602 last has been consistent between D and single E width as measured on Brannock. So if you take a size 9 in the 602 last and are a D/E width, we would suggest a size 9 in the 602M last. If you take a size 9 in the 602 last and are a true D or D/C width, we suggest going down a half size into the 602M last, so in this case, a size 8.5 would be recommended. General size translations are below:

Brannock - Half size down

Wide Width's - Take your normal wide width numerical size for E and EE. EEE will not fit.

Alden Trubalance - True to size

Alden Barrie - True to size

Red Wing - True to size

Nike - Full size down

New Balance - Full size down

Adidas - Full size down

Women’s 602

We have found that taking your typical women’s size in boots to be a quite true to size for our 602 last. For some, this may translate into a half size down from your typical sneaker size. For others with narrow or low volume feet, this may translate into a full size down from sneaker size. Some brand sizing translation examples can be found below:

Adidas – Half size down

Nike – Half size down

Converse – True to size, half size up if wide or high-volume foot

Red Wing – True to size

Frye – True to size

Tory Burch – True to size

Timberland – True to size

*If after reading these differences between these lasts you feel you might be in between sizes, feel free to reach out via email and we would be happy to help you identify the best size for you. Naturally we understand there are those who may fall between the cracks of sizing guidance as every foot type is different.

What size range do you produce for stock/ready to wear footwear?

We have been stocking down to men's size 7.5 and up to size 13 but this size range is subject to change for all runs of footwear. For women's, we are starting off producing sizes 4-11.

How often do you re-stock certain sizes or styles?

Parkhurst is a limited production run company. Every style offered is typically a one-time release and re-stocks are never guaranteed. Having said that we sometimes do re-stocks on certain items a couple of times during the year, but there is no set schedule for their release. All styles posted on our website are currently what we have to ship.


General pricing information

Our pricing method is simple - We price our boots according to what it costs to make and sell them. All footwear pricing varies depending on upper leathers, soles and other components or patterns used. Prices for stock items may fluctuate throughout the year as they are determined based off of a market for raw materials used to make the components as well as labor and manufacturing rate changes at any of our suppliers. For example, if outsoles such as Ridgeway, Vibram Christy or Commando are used, this typically will yield a higher end price increase. If a different type of leather is used outside of a standard-tanned bovine, or if the bovine has a special tannage, this also may yield an end price increase.

I am buying from a country outside of the USA, what should I expect for import costs?

Import taxes/clearance fees and customs processing charges vary from country to country, and depending on that particular country's tax/import legislation at the time. The carriers also may include a clearance charge in an invoice which they send to the buyer. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer, please check with your local customs office to obtain this information as we do not have it since it's different from country to country and constantly changing.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

We do not offer sales or discounts. The price of our footwear reflects the material cost, time and labor to build our footwear and we prefer to have a straight-forward, no-nonsense price by doing this. Sometimes we do collaborations in which a promotion may be offered but the promotion is only for the boot in question at a given time. In the event where we offer a promotion, shoes and Seconds + Samples are typically excluded. You can find discounted footwear in our Seconds + Samples section. Prior sales are excluded from promotions and discounts.