Hey Everyone,

Andrew here and I just wanted to say thanks again for bearing with myself/the company as we transition into a new phase of production. As many of you may already know since I first started posting this update back in March, I am expanding production into two new factories plus a new warehouse. This update is meant to keep everyone informed during this expansion but please note it may change slightly from time to time now through January '23. This is mainly due to unexpected delays in manufacturing, transit time or carrier pickups.

With this transition comes a new phase of production to include a boot build featuring many vegetable-tanned leather components along with probably the largest upper leathers offering over time I have ran to date. Current models have this build, remaining styles such as the Allen’s and Richmond’s will have it moving forward. If you’re looking to be among the first to know about these new releases and re-stocks, please be sure to sign up for emails at the bottom of the website.

Estimated Production Schedule and Releases (subject to change)

11/30/2022 - The first batch of Allen's and Richmond's are now finished and are in transit. These will be coming in late due to carrier volume delays and given the time of year it is, as the last two months of the year are traditionally the busiest. Therefore, the expected release of these boots has been delayed until the boots arrive. Know that we are close and in the home stretch for this first batch.

Early December - January '23 - Staggered completion and releasing of new production boots to include Allen's and Richmond's. Expected also, are the re-stocks of the Niagara boot in Mahogany and Brown Waxy Commander as well as pre-order items reserved in September/October.

Below are some of the new Allen and Richmond patterns you can expect to see. In addition, there will be other smooth grain leathers and game leathers during the time-frame mentioned above. These are our new custom black and brown waxy leathers below. The leather itself is a waxy suede leather, a bit thicker than a waxy commander leather. This leather was developed and tanned exclusively for Parkhurst using our color palette, wax specs and article. Part of this journey during expansion has been pleasantly finding out that our hides used for our custom leathers are sourced from the same suppliers who supply to world famous tanneries for their hides.

In stock items are currently posted on the website and are ready to ship. Should you have any questions or need anything, I can be reached at info@parkhurstbrand.com. My goal is to provide you with the best product and service I can offer. Thank you again for your support and I look forward to helping you!

- Andrew