Hey Everyone,

Andrew here and I want to thank you for your patience and support during these transitioning times. I also want to let everyone know a bit more about the production and supply line delays which have occurred and what the plan is moving forward. I am excited to say thankfully, that the end of these is nearing.

As mentioned in my production update on the website these past few months, an opportunity to diversify supply chains in an effort to stock more sizes in a timelier fashion and improve quality has arisen - and I will be taking it. With the labor and supply crisis here in the US, it is no longer possible to produce this exact type of boot from start to finish, up to the level of quality demanded as well as in the volume of sizes asked for by customers. Most factories, suppliers, and manufacturers here are either closing, moving, or changing ownership which has begun to create quite a bit of uncertainty for production, at least more than I would prefer to have for Parkhurst. The effects of this have been seen over the past year. Therefore, I have been working with another US factory as well as a factory in Spain the past 6 months to help get production back to where it needs to be, as well as improve the quality of the boots themselves - which has constantly been a focus of mine these past few years. The 602 last and existing patterns will continue to be used on all boots moving forward. Newer patterns which you have been asking for will be available come Fall with the possibly of availability in August.

This will be a new phase for the company and frankly, it has been a long time coming. Below is what you can expect to see come Fall and possibly before the end of this Summer:

  1. Upgraded components used, particularly shanks, heel counters, heels, and true cap toe patterns.
  2. Upgraded finishing on a few new dress models while still maintaining that rugged look and finish on the core styles of Allen’s and Richmond’s.
  3. New patterns which have been asked for during the past 2 years. Due to the lack of technology and equipment here in the US needed to make some of the requested styles to specifications and quality asked for by customers, a few new styles mentioned in #2 will be majority made in Spain and finished here in Western New York. Logistics for this are still being worked out but as of right now I will still be nailing the heels on every pair of boots here in WNY (as I have always done) before I pack and ship them out to you.
  4. A small women’s line using the same materials as the men's boots and the same 602 last but sized for women. These will be one style.
  5. Wide widths offered in a small collection of core sizes for the Allen and Richmond boots. This one is still a WIP at the moment, but it is on the agenda and actively being developed at the moment. Wide widths are difficult to produce and scale due to many things, one of which the last and patterns needing to be changed for all tooling and instruments throughout the production process.

I set out to make a boot here in the USA from start to finish as much as possible and support the small American business with every penny I had. That goal has been accomplished. With this new phase comes two styles of news: The first being (and as mentioned the past few months in my production update on the website) most of these small businesses have now either had to close their doors, have moved, or have ongoing staffing and supply chain issues of their own. This, therefore, creates continued and unsustainable uncertainty for Parkhurst’s production. This is also evident as seen over nearly the past year with lack of inventory and sizes available.

The second bit of news is I will still continue to do business with the handful of remaining small businesses/manufacturers/suppliers who are able to deliver whatever is needed to Parkhurst not only during this time but moving forward as well. This will be done while working with another factory here in the US who will be finishing up part of this backlog from 2021. This you can start to see introduced toward the end of Summer. Coincidentally, the newer factory with whom I will be working here in the US owns the factory in Spain and regularly sends workers back and forth from the US to Spain to work on production taking place in both locations – including mine. I will be present in both areas as well from time to time. Combined, the two factories have over 150 years of experience making specifically GYW and other hand-made leather boots/shoes. In fact, they own the tanneries too who are helping to develop Parkhurst’s own leathers for the future.

With this new phase and these plans, I can imagine there will be questions which arise so please feel free to send me an email at info@parkhurstbrand.com should you have any. I will still be running Parkhurst as a one-person company here in Buffalo, shipping from my warehouse here, striving to provide great service and a better-quality product for you. Quality control, shipping, website, emails, and social media etc. will still be performed right here and by myself as they always have been. Thank you for being a supporter of both myself and Parkhurst. I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get Parkhurst to where it’s at today without the help of the people in this industry with whom I have worked the past 3.5 years. Thank you.

- Andrew