Hey Everyone,

Andrew here and I want to thank you for your patience and support during these trying times the past few months. I also want to let everyone know a bit more about the delays which have occurred and what the plan is moving forward.

As most of you may know supply chain delays have nearly halted production making it so that every month only a few sizes are able to finish up, or one style at a time. Current inventory is posted on the website and is ready to ship in the sizes listed as in stock. If you have a question regarding stock please reach out to me at info@parkhurstbrand.com. These you will be able to add to your cart and check out. Plenty of styles and a couple of re-stocks are in the works however due to the uncertainties surrounding component arrival times, it is not possible at this time to accurately announce when any new styles or re-stocks will be released. Why? This is because suppliers are experiencing supply chain and labor delays of their own, which therefore creates uncertainty for the factory and I as to when they will be able to ship to us. Due to this, the factory and I are unable to accurately give completion times or expected release dates for anything at this moment.

As a remedy to recent circumstances, I have spent the past few months establishing relationships with new suppliers and vendors within the footwear industry who manufacture the same components, some even in better quality. Some of these vendors are global and have been working with me since the very beginning and the goal moving forward will be to deliver the same quality of product, if not better, within this niche category of the footwear industry. I am pleased to say that Parkhurst will be working with them in 2022 to help get things back on track and deliver quality boots to customers in a timelier fashion using the same great leathers and components as currently used. During this time, some of the finishing of the boots will be moved in house to be performed by myself in order to increase shipping times and better manage inventory. All in stock purchases ship within 2 business days currently.

While these are the steps currently being taken to navigate this landscape, naturally some supply chain or labor delays may still occur, as well as other production-related delays. Know that we are doing everything we can to mitigate these and that backlogged custom orders will remain the priority for the company, despite the slow arrival of components needed to finish them. Due to some components arriving faster for backlogged stock production from earlier 2021, some stock production may be released before a backlogged custom order is completed in order to create space at the factory and at my shipping location. Oftentimes, custom orders require specific individual components, which in the recent environment, have been quite difficult to re-stock or obtain in a timely fashion. Hence the lead time for them being drastically extended.

As we get nearer to larger batches of boots and custom orders being completed, I will be emailing individuals for their backlogged custom orders as well as sending out emails and posting on social media that a restock or new style is coming. Currently the custom order backlog is about a dozen pairs and significant progress has been made. The email signup is located at the bottom of the website and looks like this:


Again, thank you so much for bearing with us and continuing to support the company with in-stock purchases of whatever may be present. Your help and patience are what keeps things going, make no mistake.

- Andrew