The Allen - Ridge Kudu Original (Factory Samples)


There is nothing quite like kudu leather. Kudu are antelope who roam freely in Southern and Eastern Africa. While trying to evade larger predators, kudu often graze near thorn trees. Since they are often preyed upon and due to their grazing habits, antelope leather will often have scars and imperfection which help tell the story of how the animal lived.

Why are these being sold as samples/seconds? This Ridge kudu models is leftover from sampling different size runs and leather at the factory. All of these models were made to test out different areas of the hide through pullovers, cutting/stitching and heat applications.

Grading: 1

1 - Factory sample, prototype or factory overstock.

2 - Factory second with minor leather imperfections and possible uneven stitching or cutting.


Goodyear welt

Dainite studded rubber sole


Genuine South African kudu leather from C.F Stead

4 eyelets, 3 speedhooks

Our sizing runs typically one full standard (D width) size larger than your average sneaker size and about one half size larger than your typical Brannock measurement for D widths. If you are a single E width or are looking for a bit of extra space or volume without sacrificing overall fit, we suggest ordering your Brannock size or size down a half size from your average sneaker size.

Sizing can be particular for each individual and we are more than happy to help you determine the correct size in our boots. If you have any questions regarding sizing please contact us prior to purchasing at We can also assist in identifying the right size for you based off of what you wear in other brands of footwear.

We believe in making our product in the U.S. to help revive the American manufacturing industry. The materials used to make this boot came from the below states:

Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

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