Custom Order - 1 Pair of Boots


Like our boots but looking for something a bit more tailored to your preference? This is the perfect option to consider. Featured in these photos are some of the many custom pairs we have made. Due to covid closures, leather and product pictures are currently limited but more will be added this Summer. In the meantime if you have an idea in mind, feel free to reach out and we can help get it going for you.

With multiple components available, we will be able to make your very own pair of Parkhurst Boots. Please note that components not available may carry an additional cost of around $12 usually. Have an idea for a custom order? Email us at to find out how we can bring your boot idea to life.

Available Patterns

Richmond - Plain cap toe

Delaware Original - Leather Lined

Delaware Unlined

Allen Original - Leather Lined

Allen Unlined

Plain Cap Toe - Unlined


Available Soles



Vibram 430

Leather + Double Leather


Large Eyelets

Old English brass

Bright Brass


Dark Brown

Small Eyelets

Dark brown

Bright brass

Speedhooks – small size only in stock – dark brown.

Available Leathers (Subject to change)

Brown CXL

Brown Chamois

Natural Chromepak

British Tan Chromepak

Snuff Suede

Racing Green Suede

Ivory White Suede

Dark Chocolate Kudu

Black-Burgundy Kudu

Autumn Spice Kudu

Ridge Kudu

Spruce Kudu

Horsehide - Toscanello

Boomer Oro

Briar Oil Grain

Hawthorne Rough-Out

Moose -  Gaucho

Moose - Tobacco

Moose - Cigar

Moose - Shingle

Black Waxed Mohawk

Dark Brown (Dark Chocolate) Waxed Mohawk

*Custom orders are excluded from all promotions due to increased labor and material costs to put single pairs through production. Thank you for your understanding*

Our sizing runs typically one full standard (D width) size larger than your average sneaker size and about one half size larger than your typical Brannock measurement for D widths. If you are a single E width or are looking for a bit of extra space or volume without sacrificing overall fit, we suggest ordering your Brannock size or size down a half size from your average sneaker size.

Sizing can be particular for each individual and we are more than happy to help you determine the correct size in our boots. If you have any questions regarding sizing please contact us prior to purchasing at We can also assist in identifying the right size for you based off of what you wear in other brands of footwear.

We believe in making our product in the U.S. to help revive the American manufacturing industry. The materials used to make this boot came from the below states:

Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

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