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Interested in our boots but looking for something a bit more tailored to your preference? This is the perfect option to consider. Featured in these photos is a small collection of some of the many custom pairs we have made. Please note not all custom makeups are photographed and listed on the site. Pictures listed on this page are of previous custom orders, samples and prototypes. Please be sure to read the Current Updates below, thank you.

How does it work?

When ordering, you can select the specifications you will want on your boots or shoes. If you need any assistance or would like to place a manual order, please contact Pricing is based on pattern/style, upper leather and outsoles/heels.

Custom order batches run in to segments and typically start on the 15th or 30th of each month. This means if you submit your order on the 10th, it will not get entered into the queue of work until the 15th and then start shortly after that. If we finish sooner we will ship sooner and let you know. Please note that during this process some manual difficulties may occur which may involve us having to re-cut a pattern, re-bottom the boot or any similar event caused by one of the just under 200 manual steps involved in creating the pair of boots. Should one of these events occur it may delay anticipated completion time and you will be contacted with working updates.

What are the basic styles?

The Allen - Plain Toe Boot
The Delaware - Brogue Cap Toe Boot
The Richmond - Plain Cap Toe Boot - 3 rows of stitching (2 close, one further away)
The Spaulding - Wingtip Boot
The Bidwell - Derby shoe
The Bidwell 2.0 - Work-style derby shoe
First-time customer sizing
We recommend all new/first-time Parkhurst customers review sizing via email ( prior to purchasing their custom order. Please include as much of the below information as possible to help better identify your size:
1. Brannock measurement.
2. Sizes you take in other brands of footwear.
3. Whether or not you have a wide, narrow or medium width.
4. Whether or not you have a high, low or regular instep.

Current Updates/Notes

*Vibram 430 sole is available and matching heel up to size 9. Any size larger or 9 will get either Commando or Dainite - please mention in your order comment section which heel you'd like.

*As of 5/21/2021, custom order price will be increasing due to increasing component costs.

*As of 7/19/2021, current lead times are projected at a minimum of 12 weeks due to volume and the occasional supply line delay. Delays may also occur which can extend this estimated time-frame by a few weeks. Please note covid-related lock-downs, state mandates and/or delays may cause additional wait time for your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

*If you see a leather pictured but is not on the drop-down options, it is not available and was ran in the past. The picture is meant to show the boot crafted, not to be representative of leather stock.

*If your shipping address changes during the lead time period please contact to let us know.

*The leathers pictured are currently the leathers which have been photographed.

*Cost of major components such as leather and soles may fluctuate depending on market conditions and will be reflected in add on charges.

*There are a total of 8 hardware punches/holes for eyelets and speedhooks per each boot pattern and 5 total for the Derby pattern. Eyelets can be used for the derby patterns in large or small as well.

*Custom orders are exempt from any promotions.

Common Questions

Q: What is a welt with wheeling and a welt without wheeling?

A: Wheeling is the design on the welt which actually has a history to it throughout the world of shoe-making. We have found it tends to move water away from the welt and upper which is why we use in on most of our stock boots offered and custom orders. You can check out this welt on the boots under the Collection tab. The welt without wheeling is, simply put, a welt without this wheeling design and it a flat piece of leather.

Q: Do you do pull tabs or loops?

A: No, not currently.

Q: What is the difference between the 602 and 18 last?

A: Please refer to the FAQ section for this explanation in detail as well as size comparisons.

Q: What is the single backstay/counter design compared to the other designs?

A: The single backstay/counter has a single piece of leather used to hold the counter in place and that same piece of leather goes up the heel of the boot externally.

Q: What is your tongue design and what is your gusset design?

A: A tongue is the free-floating piece of leather sewn into the vamp which rests atop your instep and under your laces. The gusset is the same concept except it is extended laterally and sewn into the quarters along the eyelet line pattern in addition to being sewn into the vamp. The gusset goes up about 2/3 the height of the quarters.

No. 18 Last (Original)

This last runs between a D and single E width with a slight almond shaped toe. Our general rule of thumb is to go down a half size from your typical sneaker size. So for example, if you wear a size 10.5 in sneakers, we would suggest a size 10 in our boots. We recommend trying your boots on/wearing them with a thin sock or dress sock to get an accurate idea of feel. If you wear a single E wide width or prefer a bit of extra room in your footwear, we would suggest ordering your Brannock size in this last. Our last will generally not accommodate EE or EEE widths and higher as measured on a Brannock device. However do note that just because these widths are labeled on a size from a brand as EE or EEE, it does not mean that the actual Brannock measurement is a EE or EEE as sometimes wide is abbreviated as EE or EEE.

Brand size comparison examples:

Brannock - Half size down to true to size. If you have a wider forefoot but not quite a single E width, go with your Brannock size. If you are a standard/D width, go a half size down from Brannock. 

Viberg 2030 - Half size up if D/standard width.

Red Wing No. 8 Last - Half size up.

Allen Edmond's Boots - True to size.

Alden Barrie - Generally one half size up. 

Nike - Half size down.

New Balance - Half size down.

Adidas - Half size down.

Reebok - Half size down.

More sizing information on this last can be found via this video link.

No. 602 Last (New)

This is the newer Parkhurst last. Its features include a rounder, more voluminous toebox along with a tapered arch and heel. Opening up into a single E width in the forefoot and toebox, there will be a decent amount of breathing room and additional flexibility to wear the socks of your preference. A higher instep angle will also help to accommodate those looking for additional vertical room. 

Brand size comparison examples:

Brannock - Half size down. If you're a 10D Brannock or between a D and E width, go with size 9.5 in the 602 last. If you measure a single E width, we suggest going with your Brannock size.

Parkhurst No. 18 - True to size.

Alden Barrie - True to size.

Red Wing No. 8 - True to size.

Wolverine - True to size.

Sizing can be particular for each individual and we are more than happy to help you determine the correct size in our boots by emailing We can also assist in identifying the right size for you based off of what you wear in other brands of footwear.

We believe in making our footwear in the U.S. to help revive the American manufacturing industry. The materials used to make this boot came from the below states:

Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

We love using Dainite soles and C.F. Stead leather - and will continue to do so in the future. Since these are not manufactured directly here they are ordered through American distributors in the Mid-West and Eastern coast to help support the supply chain both in the industry and the U.S.A.

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