Edge Dye - Black


Looking for that extra touch to your black boot? Or are you looking to have the worn edges of your black boots re-stained? The black edge stain is the way to go if you want to make your black boots look more uniform. Sanded, coated and buffed by hand, your boots will adopt a completely new look.

Two Options

1. Time of purchase: simply add this service to your order and check out at the same time for both the boots and this service. Please allow 3-4 business days for this service.

2. Send in (mainly for worn pairs): Send us your pair of boots with a tracking number attached to the order comments section. Please allow 3-4 business days and we will send back your pair via expedited shipping.

*Please note once this service is performed on a new boot prior to customer receiving it is final sale. Difference in cost reflects part of the shipping being covered back to you.

Our lasts run big. Therefore, we suggest in general sizing down from your typical sneaker or casual shoe size. All general sizing advice and general sizing translations are based off of a D/Standard width and volume. Naturally we understand there are those who may fall between the cracks of general sizing guidance as every foot type is different. If you need help with sizing, feel free to reach out to info@parkhurstbrand.com with any footwear sizing information you currently have, and we can help identify the best size for you in Parkhurst boots. 

602 Last 

This last has a slightly lower volume to provide a more comfortably snug fit and to help prevent heel slip while maintaining a rounder forefoot. Its features include a single E width toebox as measured on the Brannock, along with a tapered arch and snug heel. The instep on this last is more contoured to the natural shape of your instep angle. The taper in the arch and heel can help provide a more natural, mild arch support.

Size comparison examples from current customers going off of a D/standard width:

Brannock - Half size down. If you're a 10D Brannock or slightly over a D width, go with size 9.5 in the 602 last. If you measure a single E width, more towards a single E width or prefer a slight bit of extra room without a drastic length increase, we suggest going with your Brannock size. In this example, a size 10. If you are a narrow width or low volume foot, we suggest going a full size down from your Brannock measurement. So if you are a size 10C, then a size 9 in our boots would fit best.

Alden Barrie and Trubalance - True to size if D width. 

Red Wing No. 8 - True to size if D width. 

Thursday Boot - True to size if D width.

Allen Edmond's - True to size if D width, half size down may apply.

Nike - Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

Adidas - Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

New Balance - Full size down if standard/medium width, half size down if width is slightly wider.

602M Last

This last is primarily used for Chelsea and moc toe boots in order to support the traditionally narrower patterns for them. However we will be integrating it more into Allen and Richmond production shortly. The difference between the two lasts is the 602M last has a touch more depth in the toebox and width in the pinky toe area by about 1mm. Therefore, you may find there to be a slight addition of room in the toebox in this last which should help accommodate a wider small toe or thicker socks, for example.

Sizing for this and the 602 last has been consistent. General size translations are below:

Brannock - Half size down if D/regular width and volume, full size if narrower, lower volume foot. For example, if you are a size 10C on the Brannock, then a size 9 in our boots would fit best. 

Wide Width's - Take your normal wide width numerical size for E and EE. EEE will not fit.

Alden Trubalance - True to size

Alden Barrie - True to size

Allen Edmond's - Half size down

Red Wing - True to size

Nike - Full size down

New Balance - Full size down

Adidas - Full size down

Wide Width - 602 Last

We suggest taking your normal wide width size in welted footwear. If you are going off of your Brannock size, we suggest going down a half size. For example, if you measure a 10EE on the Bannock, we suggest ordering a size 9.5EE in our boots. Single E widths are typically accommodated by our regular 602 last since the toebox at its peak is a single E as measured on the Brannock.

General Sizing Note

If you have any of the below foot/ankle characteristics, you may need to size down a half size from boot brands such as the ones we mention as comparable:

Skinny ankles
Low volume feet
Low insteps
Narrow feet

Women’s 602

We have found that taking your typical women’s size in boots to be a quite true to size for our 602 last. For some, this may translate into a half size down from your typical sneaker size. For others with narrow or low volume feet, this may translate into a full size down from sneaker size. Some brand sizing translation examples can be found below:

Adidas – Half size down

Nike – Half size down

Converse – True to size, half size up if wide or high-volume foot

Red Wing – True to size

Frye – True to size

Tory Burch – True to size

Timberland – True to size

We believe in building our footwear with manufacturers who create the best quality boots and components we can find, while keeping in mind production sustainability and environmental impact. At this moment, almost half of our production is completed from solar panel-generated electricity used to run the machines which help make our boots.

Our supply chains in both the US and Spain have allowed us to use better quality components such as steel shanks and different vegetable tanned leathers, while incorporating components made in the US as well. We are grateful to work with some of the best factories and component manufacturers/suppliers in the industry to help make our boots up to quality specifications desired by our customers. Working with both suppliers and manufacturers in the USA and Spain has helped us to produce the best boot we have made since Parkhurst was started at the end of 2018.

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