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October 2019

October 2019

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for continuing to follow and support Parkhurst Brand! Making Made in America goodyear welted boots and shoes is my passion. This month has been exciting so far as we are finishing up new developments and production.

Looking for new boots? Good news – we just completed two new colors and leathers of the Allen boot! This season I chose to go with a Fall color for one boot which led me to a subtle orange color of Dublin leather from Horween. I chose this color because it represents the perfect foliage we see as we go into Fall and as the leaves turn different shades of orange. This leather is tanned using a vegetable tanning process – the same process Horween uses for tanning its shell cordovan. It is very supple and will conform to your foot and ankle almost instantly.

Our second Allen boot selection is probably our most exotic so far – a subtle green antelope leather from South Africa. The idea of a good-looking green boot has been in my head for over a year now, but it was challenging finding the right shade of green and the right kind of leather. I have used kudu before and knew this leather held up to my standards. So after a while searching for the perfect style/shade of green leather, I decided to shift gears and go for antelope leather, which by the way comes from a sustainable source through the tannery we are partnered with – C.F. Stead. It has so many tasteful natural scars and imperfections. These truly give the leather character which has gone unmatched by any other type of leather out there. While searching for something with depth and color, I knew the spruce kudu was the perfect leather to use.

Stay tuned for more new boots to be released in the coming weeks – each with a story behind the design. Follow us on Instagram @wearparkhurst and on Facebook @ParkhurstBrand.



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